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 Vertical Garden 

Beautiful indoor and outdoor vertical gardens.


The latest gardening trend.

Vertical Gardens are amazing!

Vertical Gardens, also known as Living Green Walls, are a collection of plants ranging in coverage on both exterior and internal walls.


They are not just a decoration, Green Walls are designed to give remarkable benefits simply by harnessing the power of nature. 

Green Walls offer impressive landscaping and internal design which can significantly increase property value, boasting a modern and environmentally friendly design.

Outdoor vertical garden, North London.

Indoor vertical garden, Central London Office.

Benefits include:


Improved air quality 

Green Walls have higher plant density they are much more efficient in absorbing and cleaning pollutants through their leaves and roots. The plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen making the air more breathable and making you feel more alert. Studies has shown that Green Walls can reduce up to 40-60% of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide. They actively attract dust reducing levels of particles in the air, up to 20%, which means there is less chance of respiratory irritations.This sounds scary but our indoor environment is also full of toxic fumes originating from furniture, paint, plastics and cleaning products. Green Walls are a perfect solution to naturally absorbing these domestic pollutants.


Naturally regulates temperature and humidity of the buildings


Installing Green Walls both inside or outside helps to reduce energy costs, as they act as a natural thermal insulator. Also exterior Green Walls help to reflect direct sunlight making the environment inside cooler during the summer months, which saves on cost of the air conditioners. Indoor vertical gardens naturally regulate humidity levels. That means there is no need to spend money on costly humidifiers. 



Protect buildings.

Green Walls provide a very good source of protection for the outside of a building where walls can be damaged by acid rain, direct sun and UV radiation.


Reduces noise pollution 

Green Walls absorb noise from our busy streets making the office and home a more relaxing environment.


Increase general well-being 

Who doesn't feel good surrounded by nature? As studies have shown this reduces stress, increases concentration, creates better productivity and even lowers blood pressure​

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