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Maintenance of green spaces, terraces and balconies. 


Worry-free gardening all year around for your home, office or any other commercial space in London.

General maintenance includes:


  • clearing litter away from the garden and grounds like sidewalks, entrances and driveways 

  • lawns mowing 

  • trimming and pruning

  • weeding 

  • planting

  • cleaning decking, stone or concrete path ways

  • seeding plants

  • watering plants at the correct time. 

  • emptying bins and leaf raking. 

  • maintenance of plants

  • feeding and fertilising 

  • patio/decking cleaning


I always ensure to clean up before I go!


​Regular maintenance is essential to keep your garden looking beautiful year after year whatever the weather.

Are you going to be away? 


Do you have garden, window boxes or planters that need to be looked after? No problem!


If you are away let me know and I will provide absolutely secure trustworthy maintenance and watering of your indoor plants and garden.


I am CRB checked and you will meet me before agreeing, so you have nothing to worry about.

I will look after your lawn!


Regular maintenance is the best way to approach a lawn and may avoid the need for renovation later on. All lawns need feeding in order to maintain their healthy look. When feeding, we look out for signs of pest or disease and apply moss killer if required. 


Over winter, the lawn does not grow much, but once the weather warms up in early spring, we can start mowing, and this is also a good time to over-seed any areas damaged over the winter. 


Mowing is the most important maintenance task over spring and summer. Mowing regularly keeps the lawn in good health. Also, remember regular feeding of the lawn will increase vigor and help prevent weeds and moss from establishing.


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